Around the end of last year, I got a previz software after looking at some enthusiastic testimonials (Storyboard Quick from Powerproduction Software). There was no trial offered, so I just bought it…

Well, what can I say, big mistake. This is/was the last time, I bought something without using a trial version first.

After unpacking and installing the software, it quickly became apparent, that it wouldn’t fulfill my requirements. I wanted some perspective shots with objects being at various depths in the scene, something that was extremely annoying to do with the “paper cutout” system used by Storyboard Quick. Anyway, Powerproductions being a reputable company, it shouldn’t be too hard to work out some kind of refund, right? Wrong.

I sent a few email, some got “lost” by the sales rep, some “disappeared” along the way, but I finally got the promise of getting a check sent by postal service (why they couldn’t just charge-back the credit card I bought the software with remains a mystery). Guess what… after several inquiries and emails over the last few months, I still haven’t got anything. No check ever made it to my doorstep.

By now, I guess, I have accepted the fact, that I will never see a refund and am stuck with a software that doesn’t perform as required… America, land of the free and of customer orientation my ass…

What did that teach me?

Don’t buy software unless there is a trial version.
Customer service of Powerproduction Software has a lot of potential for improvement.