Who am I?

My life used to be so simple. I got a BSc in engineering and an MSc in business and successfully climbed the corporate ladder. All was well.

But then, on a fateful night in 2010, watching a pretty bad movie, I bragged to my wife “I could totally do that better!”, to which she replied “Do it, then!”. I did, and it was epically horrible, but also an exhilarating experience. I obviously had no clue what I was doing, but I wanted more of it.

I needed a plan to build a network and get better at making movies. So I started assisting local productions, working my way up to line producing feature films all thanks to my corporate background. I also shot one short after another, each adding a new layer of complexity. After about 20 of them (including some festival accolades and two distribution deals), I felt ready for the next big step.

Going to Cannes and the Berlinale, I started bugging producers to take a leap of faith and let me direct something for them. One finally took pity on my and in early 2019, I directed my first feature for him and by the end of the year, I had delivered one of their best productions so far and landed a manager.

Do you want to become part of my ongoing story? Have a look around, browse some images and videos. If you like some of my stuff, drop me a note or – even better – hire me to direct something for you.

Here’s my demo reel (through my own production company Gray Eminence Productions):