Currently in Development

Make Room – Feature

In the turmoil of an economically and politically unstable Europe, two refugees, a young teenage girl of mixed heritage (CN/UK) and her British father, are forcibly placed in the home of a recalcitrant old Swiss woman. Just as the trio begins to get to grips with the situation, the girl’s highly successful but estranged Chinese mother reappears in an attempt to reconnect with her daughter. Torn between her two parents, and the contrasting futures that they both represent, as well as being pressed by a ticking clock that hangs over her father’s head like a sword of Damocles, she is forced to take control of her own life and make decisions that are heavy with consequences.

Lead Bisquit – Short

A teaser/proof of concept for an upcoming conspiracy thriller feature project

South of Hope Street – Feature

In a more and more totalitarian society, a woman has to decide whether to ignore the warning signs or to rise up against the system and effect change.

Swiss Heron – Venture

A business venture together with Ward9 to create a slate of movies… we have a road movie, a horror flick, a drama and a thriller lined up…

Currently at Festivals

  • Tergiversation (crime/drama short)
  • Sweet Dreams (drama)
  • Cerridwen (drama)
  • Bad Little Beth (horror/action)

Currently in Post Production

  • KungFu Prime (martial arts short)
  • Emundation (drama short)
  • Sterntaler – Like Me (drama short)