Currently in Development

Make Room – Feature

Status: Script Refinement

In the turmoil of an economically and politically unstable Europe, two refugees, a young teenage girl of mixed heritage (CN/UK) and her British father, are forcibly placed in the home of a recalcitrant old Swiss woman. Just as the trio begins to get to grips with the situation, the girl’s highly successful but estranged Chinese mother reappears in an attempt to reconnect with her daughter. Torn between her two parents, and the contrasting futures that they both represent, as well as being pressed by a ticking clock that hangs over her father’s head like a sword of Damocles, she is forced to take control of her own life and make decisions that are heavy with consequences.

Nuclear Fever – TV Series

Status: Script Refinement

Based on the true story on how Switzerland almost became a nuclear super power… seriously!

Bad Little Beth – Feature

Status: Script Refinement

In this gritty and deeply black comedy based on a successful short film (, Beth needs to figure out how to grow up as a vampire girl, discovering her destiny while surviving the Van Helsing corporation.

The Zoo – TV Series

Status: Financing

This is the story of …
… an introverted genius transformed into an unlikely warrior …
… a self-doubting rich girl going to war against her father’s murderers …
… and the troubled soldier who, against her better judgment, has to save their asses.
All against the backdrop of the most dangerous place on Earth – an alien jungle that has sprouted in the middle of the Sahara desert.

Based on a book series by a best-selling author.

Widow – Feature

Status: Script Refinement

When her husband gets killed by his health insurance to cut costs, a former special forces lieutenant starts digging and uncovers a gruesome conspiracy…

Latest Releases

  • The Ugliness We Carry (Short)
  • Withstand (Short)

Currently in (Post-) Production

  • South of Hope Street (feature)