Well, that hammer didn’t fall too far…. Mjolnir indeed… but I disgress.

Thor is yet another comic turned into a movie. Once the more fascinating and complicated characters (i.e. Spiderman, Hulk, Batman, X-Men) have been hollywoodized, now we’re down to the lower tiers of super (boring) heroes like Superman, Cpt. America and Thor are taken out of the chest of forgotten wonders.

The movie is well executed, the actors are good (Natalie Portmann certainly had more acting to do in Black Swan than this popcorn epos and Anthony Hopkins probably had a hard time getting back up from his Odin-Snooze) and it was overall quite entertaining, BUT Thor is just such a lame super hero and the story just didn’t work (for me).

Ok, there is this hammer wielding hotblooded idiot who gets the boot from his dad for being naughty with the icicles. He comes to Earth to see the error of his ways, has an epiphany (no clue what it was), turns into a wise leader type of guy and gets his hammer back.

I missed some epicness and some believability of the character development of the hammer-dude, Loki was a lot more 3 dimensional… I guess this is another movie, where the bad guy is a lot more fun than the good guy.

Oh, and I saw the movie in 3D… why? Because it wasn’t offered in 2D at the multiplex I usually go to. There was absolutely no added benefit from it being 3D, btw.

Overall verdict: Shallow popcorn movie…